Your Weekly Psychic, Energy Guidance

Rise about the Ashes, Oh Rise above the sea, Glance at the mighty hand of God that cradled you and me!

Rise above the debris that we chose to hold,

and change its tone to love and care and peace above it most.

Dilani Diva
Get Spiritual, and psychic guidance from Dilani Diva
Get Spiritual, and psychic guidance from Dilani Diva

Greetings to you all, and many blessings,
This retrograde is still on!! There is still some drama we all can expect. It is important to keep the negative mind at bay and understand that sometimes we are reading into things more than we should. Having said that here is this weeks Energy reading. Enjoy


” Great Power”
The mind energy dances this week. There are various forms of possibilities that will enhance your mind. Your mind will want to be the striving joy of creation and will seek many ways to find a new way of being.
Your mind can have a great capacity to love and hold loving thoughts. Let the power of love enfold your mind this week.

Power Words.
potential power


” hard beginnings”
The body is lagging this week. It does not want to work out. It does not want to get up and move. If you chose to push its boundary it will do very well. You will have to overcome its laziness. You’re going to feel unwell and tired. Drink lots of water. Feel confident that you can truly overcome your situation and you are in charge of how your body can feel.

Power Words
Overcome doubt
become stronger in self
seek the experience of life.


“Defying compromise”
Your spirit is going to feel as if it is trapped. You need to be free to seek change is powerful and that is why you are feeling the way you are. Sometimes it is that you are living a lot in your past due to the retrograde and that is what you need to change in order to let go and let God and move forward. You will feel as if you are tied down. So let your spirit ask for new ways to create joy. New ways to explore this universe and to experience the sense of peace that goes beyond all things.


create a compromising situation
succumbing to seduction
avoid self-manipulation
work on your self-esteem, pray for the power of spirit.

I hope you all have a good rest of the week. Be safe and enjoy the dawn of spring. Namaste.

Dilani Diva.

Your Free Energy Spirit Reading

Your Free Energy Of the week

( from 14th of January 2019 )
Greetings to you this fine sunny afternoon,
( hopefully I can send you some sun if you don’t have a little peeking out. Just a little freckle or two )
Hope your weekend went well. Mine was good. personal time. and work time both have their grove in my life and I enjoy and embrace both.
I want to thank all of you who trust me with your needs and queries. I enjoy helping you and feel humbled and blessed to be there for you.
So here is this weeks energy read.


” Small is beautiful”
Your mind is avidly active this week. it will think deep, long and hard and strove on minute details. It will fly like a butterfly over many things. Breath, chill enjoy the details. A journey is only great when you admire the flowers on the roadside or it will just be another journey. Make your journey matter. Take note and take charge.
See the extraordinary in the ordinary
use discretion before action
Slow down
Pay attention
Keep it simple


” Deeper Development”
There is deep power in your body this week. A power that rises from the ashes. You will feel it rise to meet you from the earth. Don’t forget to look at your ground for it is truly grounding.
There is almost a masculinity in the body energy. It can shake off the blues if you so chose. It is serene yet it is commanding. Use this energy to enhance your body this week. Eat lots of protein. Become lean and not so mean :).
gradual progress
slowly but surely
time-honored approach


” keeping still”
They say ” stillness speaks” and it has to me. Many times. The energy of the spirit is powerful. It can be and be and flow from yesterday to today and then tomorrow in a matter of a breath.
It is composing of everything and nothing and yet it is all knowing when it is silence. Keep your spirit in meditation. Try not to let the mayhem of the universe push you off your tracks. If so. Get back to stillness and let it speak to you. Its most creative power is when you feel it and when you live it today.
Thank you for letting me share and care. I hope I will be able to assist you this week. I hold no judgment towards any. We are all here with one purpose. That is to find love. To find peace and be one with our higher calling and may each of our journeys towards such experiences, no matter what: be blessed.
Dilani Diva

Re-align your energy during this retrograde

Greetings to you all,
Here is your spiritual guidance for the week,

I wish you the best for a restful weekend. Most of us have been having a very hard time the last few weeks.
Some of it is due to the astrological energy shifts that are happening, bringing about feelings of lost love, thoughts of those who are no longer with us, tired energy and mental fatigue
During these hard days, it is always a good thing to realign your energy with your inner “God Core” It is very hard to think positively during these times. But it is IMPERATIVE that we do so. Or we can remain in this cycle for many moons and this is NOT what we need,

Here is a short method of getting reconnected to your power zone and gently ebbing away from your pain zone.
This is a 30 minute ” Energy Alignment”
* The best time of the day for us to re-align ourselves is just before we go to bed.
* Take a short shower before you get into bed. This will wash away negative energy… say when you feel the water on your skin. ” Take away the anger and the pain of the world” repeat that over and over
* Get into bed and be appreciative of simple things around you. Such as your “bed” your “pillow” your Sheets and the feeling of comfort.
* Ask for peace and rest in your sleep and take five minutes to breath deep
* when you awake take a couple of minutes to give thanks for the rest you had then get up and shower and feed your body.
* after breakfast take a few minutes to ask God to help you through that day and write down 3 things that you appreciate about your life. maybe it is just the food you had and the air you breathe and that fact that you can actually think and pray.
* take a few minutes to breath deep, relax your arms feel the energy flow through your body.

Now get up and feel refreshed.. take your feet out of your shoes for a second and feel the earth under your feet or your socks :)

That is it…
Do this when you are feeling generally out of sorts. Do it for about a week and you will get yourself realigned.
I send you blessings and light.
I will be working this weekend. Please have very specific questions and names of those you want me to read on. I do not do general readings. Your part in this is that you know what you are looking for so that I can look at the path you are creating …

May you have a blessed day and may you have a great peace of God that goes beyond our human understanding.
Dilani Diva





Happy Halloween, Dilani Diva

Special days give us reason to let loose and have fun. They say people with children remain younger. This is true. Until they become teenagers and jump out of windows.. lol.
We all have that inner child in us. The energy of the newborn. So pure and so true. This energy is Power in its true and pure self. Take today to express that from within. Without restraint with joy and mirth.
Days like today give us a reason to start the holiday season with hope. Remember the more rainbow you see the more blessings you will receive. It is not that we don’t receive blessings if we don’t hope for that rainbow. But when we do … we are so discouraged that we just don’t see them. Even if they fell ” plonk” on our laps.
The more we look for our blessings, and embrace them with gratitude the more we seem to receive them.
Today I am glad for the lovely colors of the trees. They seem to be on fire. The leaves just dancing in the gentle wind. How beautiful. What if God made this world with trees that were just black and white. How boring that would be. But he chose to give us all this lovely joy in the colors of Autumn. How blessed we are.
So thank your blessing and go n scare someone. That is truly my plan. I will see you all in some scary place.
Till we meet under the moon.
Swoooooosh ( that is me on a broom)m lol
Blessings and Light
Dilani Diva

Keep the faith-Your path to your miracle !!

“As the divine embraces us -let us embrace them in power, faith, and truth”

This last month has been crazy. With eclipses and retrogrades.( Finally over today1) Nature has been defensive too with hurricanes, and angry people just screaming and lashing out. It is hard to keep the faith in times such as these but, it is in times such as these that we need to tap into our deep inner spirit.

Before I go any further, I would like to offer my sincere prayers and thoughts go to all those who have been affected by the hurricane.

It’s so hard to lose it all, but on the flip side when you lose everything you have a free slate to draw any picture you want.

The power to choose is the power to chose success. Not just in material things but also with the divine.

So, If you are struggling in a relationship or finding blocks in your journey, just ask the higher spirit to erase all the negativity and or thought patterns that you might have and help you to create a brand new pattern or thought and action which will give you a better and more positive result.

The retrograde breaks many things down. But it is also a great time to build these things up in the way you want them to be.Starting from your thoughts and your perception of things.
Perception is a powerful thing. It can define our faith. It can confine us to everything and nothing. If your perception speaks that all things are possible!!!!!!

Open your mind to all possibilities. Open your mind to all your dreams. Know that spirit can only help us when we help ourselves and feel our power of faith.

If we are still hurting and angry and disappointed we are in the process of breaking our dreams and not making them.
This process is a grieving period. And for the most part, we have to all go through that. In every birth, there is a death. In every growing there is decay. One does not live without the other. So in Love, there is the pain. It is a part of the cycle, and the sooner we accept that the fast we can move forward.

Even though we may pray and have the faith.. healing from this pain is a primal factor.
So take some time to ask your mind and your body to recover. Forgive Yourself that grief. and ask the universe for joy to replace it. All things will work for good when we have faith that it will be so.
The divine is power and the divine is peace. Use it wisely and love it tenderly.
May all your dreams become a reality. That is my wish for you. I am here to help you and guide you with gentle and caring readings. Remember to be clear when you call. And have specific questions for me. I thank you for trusting me as your counsel.
Have a blessed long weekend.
Dilani Diva