Thoughts for the Season

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Dilani Diva Spiritual Guru, life coach, Psychic
Bringing you a smile

May peace be with you today.

It has been a journey, this year. So much loss and hurt that needs healing. I am hopeful that we are going to turn the corner and move forward. Sometimes life does not always give us what we desire but we are here to experience it ..I hope that each of us can make that choice to experience it to the fullest. The rustle of the trees! The bird sounds! A gentle drop of rain!! I am hopeful.

These are the things we are here to experience, why shut ourselves out in a darkened room and not be one with nature? IT can happen to anyone of us, This feeling of loss and doom, of great abandonment, and hurt that cuts like a knife. We all experience that at some points in our lives, however, The key is ” do we hold on to it? or do we walk through it?”

Crap will come, I just choose not to hold on to it. I walk through it every time it comes into my life. I have been able to have a simple but enjoyable life because of this simple truth.

Pummelling Through it !!!

It does not mean that I have not been sad or alone sometimes. For sure I have!!!! To me, that is a part of my learning and growing. How I let it affect me within and how I release it back to the universe, to the without. I am like a recycling thought machine !!! I try to spit out better thoughts than what popped into my head. I do this simply by feeling the reality of nature around me and embracing “blessedness”.

The feeling of blessedness is very very powerful and it has helped me revive and grow beyond a survivor. A simple thought a simple feeling and yet it is so profound !!!!!
I hope today you have felt the same too. In your own neck of the weeds🙂

We will rise above the rumble,
We will rise above our fall
We will never give in to trouble
But know, we are love, and joy and all.

We are here to face tomorrow and to face another day
and I choose to watch the sunset,
No matter what comes my way.
and to that simple thought…….I will simply bow and pray !!!

Have a blessed Xmas day.
Namaste. Dilani Diva

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