Happy Halloween, Dilani Diva

Special days give us reason to let loose and have fun. They say people with children remain younger. This is true. Until they become teenagers and jump out of windows.. lol.
We all have that inner child in us. The energy of the newborn. So pure and so true. This energy is Power in its true and pure self. Take today to express that from within. Without restraint with joy and mirth.
Days like today give us a reason to start the holiday season with hope. Remember the more rainbow you see the more blessings you will receive. It is not that we don’t receive blessings if we don’t hope for that rainbow. But when we do … we are so discouraged that we just don’t see them. Even if they fell ” plonk” on our laps.
The more we look for our blessings, and embrace them with gratitude the more we seem to receive them.
Today I am glad for the lovely colors of the trees. They seem to be on fire. The leaves just dancing in the gentle wind. How beautiful. What if God made this world with trees that were just black and white. How boring that would be. But he chose to give us all this lovely joy in the colors of Autumn. How blessed we are.
So thank your blessing and go n scare someone. That is truly my plan. I will see you all in some scary place.
Till we meet under the moon.
Swoooooosh ( that is me on a broom)m lol
Blessings and Light
Dilani Diva