The essence of sweetness

Be Kind to One Another

Be Sweet

The Essense of Sweetness

.Dear Friends and clients,

I hope today finds you well, I am a sweet tooth, what can I say!!!!!! :) In this simple journey of enjoying sweets, I pondered a thought!
Enjoying the essence of a sweet makes one happy, lifts one’s spirit, and even might randomly place a smile on a face.
Such a simple phenomenon changes the whole energy of our physical being. Then how more would our souls change with a gentle and loving thought? How much more would we attract of the same essence? Indeed we can!!!!!!
Many of us suffer in silence, leading to depression and other forms of mental illness. Most times it can start small, with a migrating thought. It might be that someone hurt you! Or you feel betrayed in some way, or your family and love life is in shambles. This is life! for some of us. Hemmed in with the daily grind!
I have helped many in such situations to reach a better climate of internal energy. And this is one way to reach it. Step by step, one thought at a time and one breath and a time.
This does not mean that each day we walk around thinking kind thoughts. Life is not like that. Stuff happens! and we end up with downcast faces. This is normal, for us human beings. However, if you can remember the importance of inner balance and peace, and know that to receive it, you need to be in alignment with it… then you can deliberately add a gentle word or two into your mind and feel it in your mind’s eye and within your heart.
This, of course, is a deliberate action. To diligently work through the hard task of overcoming a bad day. It is not easy and it has to be practiced, mindfully!
However, the power of sweetness rising in your mind will help you to overcome these frailties, and help you to rise above it.
So keep words such as “Softness, flowers, gentle touch, roses, loving hugs and smiles” in your mind and conjure up the image that is associated with these words, and they will set you free.
If this resonates with you, let’s work together to bring moods and feelings of sweetness into our minds, our spirits, and our souls.
Stay safe, my friends, may sweetness be with you all
Namaste. Dilani Diva