Handling Frustration and Negativity !!!

Sometimes things and people can really frustrate us. Most times when they are inconsiderate or not in alignment with our vision. This frustration can build and become a pillar that blocks us from our “magic spot” Given the time it can hinder our creative energy and block the light of God from surrounding our heart.

I hear this and feel this all the time. It is not easy to get along with diverse energies and people. It is important to experience this, not so fun energies. but it is also vital that we work through them in order to find our peace.
We are all born to have diverse experiences, and the good and the bad all hold an equal amount of learning and growing, in our daily life.

There are a few ways that I have learned to cope and work through my own energies of anger and frustration and I am going to share my journey with you.

Now these may not be ideally suited for you and so I hold no attitude that you need to adapt these suggestions but if you think they may help you… feel free to use it.

  1. Breath peace into your thoughts and feelings of frustration. Take some time before you answer but breath at least a few deep breaths before you fly off your deep end.
  2. Think of something with some humor in it. Find the silver lining so to speak. this is a good method when you have had a little time to brew over your problem.
  3. Try to look at things with some laughter. Learn to smile at yourself.
  4. See that all things in this creation has beauty and find it… especially in those who you don’t agree with
  5. Be mindful of you and be mindful of them. be kind to you within and then be kind to them.
  6. Release.. Love and be loved. Allow yourself to enjoy you… and then Joy will surely find a home within your soul.

May this weekend leave you its true peace! Peace sometimes has to be nurtured and found. Find it – it is your door to freedom!

I will be working and being here for you. Thank you for your constant faith and trust in me. Becuase of you, my journey of life is truly blessed. I thank you so much.
Namaste. Dilani Diva