Re-align your energy during this retrograde

Greetings to you all,
Here is your spiritual guidance for the week,

I wish you the best for a restful weekend. Most of us have been having a very hard time the last few weeks.
Some of it is due to the astrological energy shifts that are happening, bringing about feelings of lost love, thoughts of those who are no longer with us, tired energy and mental fatigue
During these hard days, it is always a good thing to realign your energy with your inner “God Core” It is very hard to think positively during these times. But it is IMPERATIVE that we do so. Or we can remain in this cycle for many moons and this is NOT what we need,

Here is a short method of getting reconnected to your power zone and gently ebbing away from your pain zone.
This is a 30 minute ” Energy Alignment”
* The best time of the day for us to re-align ourselves is just before we go to bed.
* Take a short shower before you get into bed. This will wash away negative energy… say when you feel the water on your skin. ” Take away the anger and the pain of the world” repeat that over and over
* Get into bed and be appreciative of simple things around you. Such as your “bed” your “pillow” your Sheets and the feeling of comfort.
* Ask for peace and rest in your sleep and take five minutes to breath deep
* when you awake take a couple of minutes to give thanks for the rest you had then get up and shower and feed your body.
* after breakfast take a few minutes to ask God to help you through that day and write down 3 things that you appreciate about your life. maybe it is just the food you had and the air you breathe and that fact that you can actually think and pray.
* take a few minutes to breath deep, relax your arms feel the energy flow through your body.

Now get up and feel refreshed.. take your feet out of your shoes for a second and feel the earth under your feet or your socks :)

That is it…
Do this when you are feeling generally out of sorts. Do it for about a week and you will get yourself realigned.
I send you blessings and light.
I will be working this weekend. Please have very specific questions and names of those you want me to read on. I do not do general readings. Your part in this is that you know what you are looking for so that I can look at the path you are creating …

May you have a blessed day and may you have a great peace of God that goes beyond our human understanding.
Dilani Diva