Your Free Energy Spirit Reading

Your Free Energy Of the week

( from 14th of January 2019 )
Greetings to you this fine sunny afternoon,
( hopefully I can send you some sun if you don’t have a little peeking out. Just a little freckle or two )
Hope your weekend went well. Mine was good. personal time. and work time both have their grove in my life and I enjoy and embrace both.
I want to thank all of you who trust me with your needs and queries. I enjoy helping you and feel humbled and blessed to be there for you.
So here is this weeks energy read.


” Small is beautiful”
Your mind is avidly active this week. it will think deep, long and hard and strove on minute details. It will fly like a butterfly over many things. Breath, chill enjoy the details. A journey is only great when you admire the flowers on the roadside or it will just be another journey. Make your journey matter. Take note and take charge.
See the extraordinary in the ordinary
use discretion before action
Slow down
Pay attention
Keep it simple


” Deeper Development”
There is deep power in your body this week. A power that rises from the ashes. You will feel it rise to meet you from the earth. Don’t forget to look at your ground for it is truly grounding.
There is almost a masculinity in the body energy. It can shake off the blues if you so chose. It is serene yet it is commanding. Use this energy to enhance your body this week. Eat lots of protein. Become lean and not so mean :).
gradual progress
slowly but surely
time-honored approach


” keeping still”
They say ” stillness speaks” and it has to me. Many times. The energy of the spirit is powerful. It can be and be and flow from yesterday to today and then tomorrow in a matter of a breath.
It is composing of everything and nothing and yet it is all knowing when it is silence. Keep your spirit in meditation. Try not to let the mayhem of the universe push you off your tracks. If so. Get back to stillness and let it speak to you. Its most creative power is when you feel it and when you live it today.
Thank you for letting me share and care. I hope I will be able to assist you this week. I hold no judgment towards any. We are all here with one purpose. That is to find love. To find peace and be one with our higher calling and may each of our journeys towards such experiences, no matter what: be blessed.
Dilani Diva