Suffering through disappointment? – Change your focus and with it your fortune!

Dilani Diva

The recent change of energy in the universe has left a few of us a little battered in the brain and in the body. Just like the moon having it’s effect on the tide these astrological changes can indeed set us a little on edge.
In the recent past the “Venus Retrograde” has been profoundly felt by many of us. Some of you have had huge disagreements with fellow friends and co-workers, Others have had short tempers in relationships.
What ever the edgy energy may be we have all in some ways or another experienced it.
I feel this is due to energy mingling and pulling apart all in the same breath. Without flowing gently in one direction it is like a hurl of dried leaves being tossed and turned in the gust of an up and coming storm.

I have chosen a few practical suggestions for such emotional charging and moving through such times.

Try to focus on your task ahead. Don’t speculate too much about others thoughts . Just try to do the best you can and maintain concentration. In any event if others are goading you. See within yourself if this is coming from ego ( yours or theirs ) and if it is then let go and let God.
Sometimes it is better to walk away from toxic energy or angry conversations. Make a polite excuse and depart.
Focus and visualize something beautiful and meaning to you, if you feel anxiety. Remember that we are built to multitask however if our desires and many then achieving them all will take many many levels of energy and concentration and in the end non of it will be done in a good way.
So prioritize what is important to you. That which you know you can do and move forward gently and gracefully.
Think of kind thoughts and when you feel angry within. Take a few deep breaths and bring back your focus to what you are working on. If not you will indeed even loose what you have in front of you.

All task that we are offered in this universe has a spiritual meaning. Even the man that sweeps the road has an important task to achieve. We must not look at another man women or task as being menial and below our status for that again will bring us back to the ego.

Not everyone’s gifts are the same. But each gift is as important as the next. So let us all enjoy our own gifts and the gifts of others . And not try to be them. But be us. Each unique in ourselves, each grounded and fulfilled.

Remember to center your thoughts your heart and your mind today.
If you have messed up in the past DON’T dwell on it. Move on. It happens to the best of us. And it is a part of life.

Simply focus at what you have in front of you. Concentrate and it will not be a daunting task but a simple easy task filled with Joy- then your road to achieving your dreams will indeed unravel before you.

Namaste. Dilani