Extend Your Energy

Gracebanner Breathing out Great Energy
This Weekend I have been meditating on the power of energy. Our bodies are like well oiled machines. Or broken down ones.
The spiritual energy we give out, from within us is amazing.( or not so amazing… )
Some of us have a tenancy of having “Great Days” and others . Not so good one’s.
The greatness lies that each of us can fine tune our engine of the body to have “Great days” consecutively.
It is generated with the peace within your mind. Peace is spiritually powerful.
This is to think and act with a kind heart. and a loving mind. I try for me. ( at least ) not to say. “Hey I am spirit filled.” But simply to send you a smile.
I know I cannot be with all of you in person. But I send a smile in the picture above. and to all those who have time to hear me . I send you many many blessings.
May the prayers of your heart be heard. and may you fine tune your energy with rest, hope and love.
What we give out of our minds reflects in our bodies and then in the energy around us. It radiates with what ever thoughts we are having.
Have you ever been in the pressanse of one that wants to help you. and leaves you smiling. Well if you can peek into their minds you will see that they wish you peace and good will and have loving thoughts towards, you.
In the same token: have you been in the pressanse of someone who is constantly grumbling. ( Ugh- I have ) They are never happy with what they have. You too will come off feeling drained. yes. that is so. Negativity starts from the “Mind” within and permeates to everything around us. So if you are in the pressanse of such people try to keep your distance at least for a while. Till they get over their “grumpiness” and if you are one of them don’t expect others to hand around you. Such energy alienates …. not embraces. Drop it. Pick up what is embracive and prepare for the blessings that comes with it.
I wish you all great energy today. For it is through this that you will receive the best of blessings. For God cannot dwell in negative energy. and so even though we may pray for blessings he cannot give it to you if your mind is unhappy and grumbling. It is easy to change your channel to one of great abundance.
Today. I will think of gentle thoughts . when ever what ever comes to mind. and I will send these energies to you. embrace them add to them and ask for your great abundance. create your energy field of love today. and attract your blessings.
“Think kindly-Breath out great energy, breath in and – expect – ABUNDANCE”-
Namaste. Dilani Diva