Make me a Channel of Your Peace

Dilani Diva

Sharing and Caring – Dilani Diva

Each day I am constantly faced with many challenges and choices. Keeping my mind and heart open and loving is something I do deliberately. No matter who comes into my path each day I try to treat them with respect and kindness.
For me the power tool of my life is my heart and my mind. Both govern my direction in life and the ability to create. Just like you, I have dreams too. And I work hard at achieving thing. However I find that it is not a struggle for me when I keep a loving heart and mind and my communication with those around me come from a place of kindness.
My guides and angels assist me immensely then. It is as if their hands drive me car to the perfect parking stop and then gives me a brand new pair of legs to carry me through the day.
Of course my life is all about keeping it real. Not just for me. But for those who trust me enough to call and be guided by spirit.
Try it today. Keep your mind and spirit at peace. Sometimes we have to work at it. But keeping this thought in your mind will help you today.
“Make me a channel of your peace, where there is hatred let me bring you love,
where there is injury pardon lord, and where there is doubt true faith in you.”
This is the prayer of Francis of Asisi. I sing it most of the time in my head, it is easy then to remember my higher purpose. To be a channel of God’s peace.
May Peace Love and Joy surround you and give you abundance of blessings today.