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I am always inspired to write with real life situations giving me the backdrop for my renderings. It is a tough matter when those we care about in someway selfishly hurt us. There are many reasons they would have to justify such actions . But in my books non of them really matter as no justifications warrants hurt. The opposite reaction of love.
Those who are left behind always wonder if their loved one’s would ever understand the emotional pain they caused. When people act through their ego or sometimes selfish motivations, yes they will realize it. But sometimes only in time. “They will reap what they sow”- as the good Lord.
However most lessons we learn in life that is driven through the hand of pain can end up being resented for many years. Not even understood. Only those lessons that we learn that are coming from love really strike a cord and make us want to be better people. Such are the lessons of our higher spirit.
They may not attack those who have attacked us with the same spade. You may not even see their suffering, but believe me they will . It is mostly found in their lack of fulfillment. Or their inner struggle for what they may call success.
But success is not built on pain. But on love and so the more kinder and loving we are the more we will attract that right success and love. Our spirit Guides are always trying to help us gain wisdom through such things. Ask them for that loving wisdom and in your heart let go of that pain. Fill that place with love. Knowing that what you truly desire, weather is be love or wealth, will come to you. But can only be if that space of pain is emptied with something that is more fulfilling. So don’t worry about your retribution it will always come. But only in the way that others will learn for their higher good . And that is the best way or form of learning.
I wish you peace and love and happiness.
Mass your wealth in love. And not with matter
Treat others as you treat your self.
And you will truly have a blessed day. Moment by moment. Truth by truth. Breath by breath.
Dilani Diva