Free Energy Reading 7th November

Good afternoon to you all,
There is an important message to us all this week. I am so blessed to be able to share it with you.
The energy of the week comes up all in earthy hues. This is a powerful message. For us to remain grounded and in our truth. Be aware that there is an enormous amount of negativity and anger that is spreading around. We can look and understand the reasons for it. But it is important that we don’t hold our reaction for a long period of time. It will only lend itself to reflect in our life too.
So be a spectator to the anger but be a healer in participation.
Keep your mind with cool thoughts. Keep your body in peace and keep your hope alive for healing to prevail even through the darkest hours. Having shared this introduction I am glad to share this weeks energy reading with you.


Imagine a beautiful Japanese garden with pretty pink flowers floating among the trees. There is a gentle breeze that tussles your hair and fans your brow. This is the picture your mind needs to embrace. The colors are gentle, gentle in its shade. Let your mind find rest with gentle thoughts even though your heart can feel some turmoil. It is a time to let go of our past and create a new beginning. Make it happen!

a soft approach


Your Power lies in the base of your womb. You are feeling the life within. You will feel life at the root of your spine. Keep it flushed. and it will power you forward. It is a good time for us to be restful in the body. It is a time to give your body that natural empowerments it needs. Avoid greasy food, venture into eating healthy protein. It is a good time to build your body. Regroup – and rest !!!!!


Inner Calm
Spiritual Renewal
finding wisdom


Sometimes it is important to travel between worlds. Especially when worlds are on fire and in anger. Today the spirit seems to be wanting to glide to disruption. Your spirit will seek a channel of peace and so you can use this to heal your mind and stay connected to the source, or God as some may call the creator.
Spirit wants to be sensitive to the call of need and so you will feel a lot of the unjust that sur7rounds us today. Stay calm stay in prayer and join the forces of healing. Ask for peace to prevail.


sensitive behavior
self awareness

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