Your Free Energy Reading 23rd/Oct 2017

Good Morning a blessed Monday to you all,
Hope life has been well. The current callings of a restless nature, political drama, and angry people have left me a little saddened and drained. So, I took a little break from creative writing. I like to fuse my writings with gentle blessings and a rested mind is essential.
But all is well and good. I will continue prayers for peace, balance, and well being in the universe and send you all much of the same.

” let the hues of pink adorn your mind – and let the healing begin.”
imagine flowers dancing in the wind! capture the energy of the morning rainbow in your mind. Imagine gentle clouds dancing before your eyes and feel that you could too be as light as a feather. This is the energy that we are capturing for the mind this week.
Look at your life and feel blessed for the small joys for each day and you will tap into this powerful expressive week of giving thanks and feeling free.
self expression
open communication.


The body will be going through all it’s seasons, during this week. you are going to feel great. Powerful, tired and need rest. But this is a changing week for the body. It is simply striving to regain its balance and we must help it to do so. Be consistent with your routines of keeping your body safe. Be aware of what you are putting into your body as what you put in will reflect on what you get out. be wise towards yourself and your temple


The spiritual energy of this week is centered around being a healer. It will help the body and the mind to come together and bridge any imbalance that it will feel.
It is good to remember that sometimes we have to give ourselves the time to put down roots. The plant will take a few weeks to grow. So, the prayers that you have put forth to the universe will be answered.God has heard you. But your results will come in the time of spirit and not that which is all created and governed by man. This is the week we enjoy a rest. Let the power of God do his work for you. Relax and take a breath and know in your heart that what is good for you will be done

take care of what is ahead of you
be strong within
leave well enough alone

Don’t try to make something out of anything, for you will get nothing back. Wait for spirit to do its magic for you- Let Go and Let God.

I wish you all a wonderful week. Looking forward to helping those who need guidance and spirit insights.
Namaste. Dilani Diva

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