Being You ! Being me!

Sometimes, when we have been going through a very hard day it is not easy for us to recognize the beauty within and without. In addition, there are some people that enjoy constant criticism of others. They find great motivation in bringing others down and sometimes when you and I  find ourselves in the vicinity of their presence, we can begin to endure and absorb this negative energy. It is important to be able to be in the company of such people and allow their judgment to be heard by not necessarily to be embraced. Sometimes, we can all agree to disagree and enjoy each other. Learning to enjoy oneself and being grateful for oneself will help all of us to stay grounded in such moments and also to have deep faith in ourselves and in the higher spirit. I am always grateful now for the many blessings that are in my life. When I was a young gal I wished that my skin was a little lighter but now I enjoy my dusky tones for it allows me to wear and enjoy brilliant colors. This helps me to keep my spirits and my energy in a place of praise, humility, and joy and intern I share it with all those who crossed my path – I am so grateful. So I have learned that God himself knew who I would be even before I was in the womb. And chose two wonderful parents who have been a great support in my life’s journey and I am so grateful to them much love to my mama and dada. It is a constant reminder for you and me to love ourselves since God has taken so much of trouble to create us just one of a kind. For this I am so grateful. So do not let another bring you down rise up above it all. I send you many blessings and warm wishes and I thank you each of you for being you Namaste[/html][/fluid]