Weekend Energy – June 21 to 23-2013


Yamma Lamma,

A weekend of upheavals and surprises.
It’s not bad…. Its all GOOD. If you and I get with the program. If not… It can be totally tiring… Ugh the Bug !! who needs that????

Right now tis time to clean our closet. So there will be some unrest in the mind. It will want to enjoy life take chances, learn to trust and forgive… But that wonder mind matter will fight the closet cleaning…..

But like most of us humans we are going to also be resistant. I don’t want to use the S Word lol. But is will be so. and that word if you have not already guessed is “Stubborn” not Stupid… lol.

tis a great time to get with the power of the sun. Open your heart and not be afraid to care. To love and to smile. In order to feel better… One must at least feel good….

So lets work on US. before we try to work on others… But do what you must…

What makes you tick !!!!

This, remember my friends is ONLY some kind guidance and a little peek of what is to come.

Have a wonderful day.

Blessings and Light to you all.
Dilani Diva