Energy of the Week!!!! – The POWER within US !!!!!


What a splendid week !!!!!

This week is “FULL OF PASSION”The mind and body fusses to be so. You are like a child with your energy … you are at your best if you can see how beautiful your world is.

The Power of the universe about creativity and uniformity there is more of a “Yang” energy, this week. So a lot more masculine power of the mind. So Lets drop the flu flu and keep things real.

Think of your future and the timber of your life…..How do you want it to be ? Use this balanced energy to think in a more productive way.

The body is ready to receive nourishment. Don’t leave it to the birds :)

Use your own dynamic power this week to plummet you forward. Don’t keep looking back. Keep your eyes on the road.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Namaste. Dilani