Bubble the Trouble

Daily Guidance by Dilani Diva Psychic

The last few days or the last week has been hard on some of us. There are many whose likes and dislikes of the recent elections have colored most of our lives.

I am a fairly independent thinker !!! So, I send my wishes to the new regime and hope that they do what is good and fair for a betterment of a nation.

Moving forward… It’s sometimes important to add “light” energy, to a heavy load. Burdens of the spirit and the mind sometimes needs to be released with a sense of ultimate freedom.

All things that come into our lives can be taken with a positive spin. That does not mean that they do not hurt. But if you and I are looking to grow and move forward it is a good way to start.

Bubbling your Troubles.. is a good exercise. Think of whatever you are bothered by, write it down. roll it into a paper ball. Place it under a glass.
Then imagine the glass becoming a ball. Let it float into the air and then pop against the sun. Every time you see that glass bubble it !!!!

At the end of the day.. take a balled paper out .. and light a match to it. Thank your Gods and your angels.. and ask them for support, and resolve.

May today be better than yesterday and may tomorrow be blessed with hope and love.
Namaste. Dilani Diva