Embracing Elections

Hello my dear clients and my dear friends,
I hope this Sunday finds you well and blessed. I write from my heart. There are many who have supported Clinton and it has been a hard road to accept her defeat and support the new President Elect.

For myself, I like being independent. It gives me a sense of freedom to think and breath. But it does not give me the right to criticize and despise any of the candidates.

In fact, they have put in so much effort. Each of them. I send them all blessings.

I could not do it. For the love of my life. But someone has to do it. And they both have And, so I salute them.

The Journey we have as humans is not easy . It is filled with choices. With hopes and tears, with Joys and fears. But it is one I would never put aside as being unfruitful. It can be so very fulfilling indeed.
This fulfillment comes from a place of oneness. Of peace, Of wellbeing. Of course, I am ONLy speaking for myself here. To others it is different.

This difference is what I most enjoy MOST !!!!!!. I do not try to criticize it. For if all flowers looked the same I don’t think lovers would woo their loved ones with them. If all trees looked the same. No Gardner would plant their fields… so, No One is the same. This is the power of creation. And yet we are ALL expressions of God energy. Of God the father himself. We must NEVER forget that.

Sometimes we can then start hollering and crying when our choice has not been chosen. This is normal. It si human…. and we are indeed accused of being human.

The voice of America has spoken with the majority for Trump. That is all there is. Now, Let us hope that he does what it takes to maintain the balance of our lives.
Let us focus on the quality of our lives. For that is what gives us a name as a strong nation. There is always a balance and an imbalance in power. It has been from time memorial. The energy ebbs and flows . It is Nature. We cannot control nature. But, we can nurture nature. And this is what I feel we should do.
Let’s focus on the imbalance of the”health care plans.” Let’s hope that our premium is adjusted. Let’s hope that working with all people we can create a sense of harmony and fairness. Let’s hope that not too many of us fall through financial cracks this upcoming year.

The past 8 years was a struggle The world was bankrupt. The US with it. We forget where WE WERE. At the end of the Bush regime… UGH.. But if we look at what we have today.. we can agree that things have got better in some ways. Let’s hope that more areas get better as we move forward.
The Power of prayer is dynamic. The raising of our inner God Voice. Let us not wish ill on those we do not align with . But wish them true guidance with the hand of the divine.
Criticism is important. But when it is poking at someone’s personal character traits then it looses its true constructive nature.
Let us all benefit from this change. For Change is inevitable. And Life prevails.
God Bless America. and all those who live breath and make this land a land of Great and Small— wonders.
Namaste. Dilani Diva