Healing from within to without !!!!

During the last few weeks, it has been a hard thing for me to stay without being swayed by the anger and the maliciousness of those who seek revenge on human kind. But I chose to stay away from such provoking. To realize that they are coming from some misguided realization and I pray that this anger they have within themselves would find a more decent ground to land on. What these people do not realize is that at a " soul level" we are all one and the same. It is ONLY the expression of us that changes. We each have a special smile and special way to laugh. No one is less or more- just different. That realization has helped me from being not judgemental. Kind and compassionate towards another soul. even though at these times they are damaging their lives with so much of rhetorical pain. Healing is important to all of us. It is how we move forward. it is how we break ground and let the light come through. We all have had some scaring with love. For Love has within itself the power to hurt and to hate. Relationships are not easy. But without them, we are like feathers in the wind. so today seek within yourself to turn your anger your hurt and your disappointment into something that is more powerful. Forgive those that have trespassed against you. For at the level of our soul. They are like you and me. For when we release this anger then it allows the Power of true love to take over and then create that miracle for us all. We all receive such miracles. However, we cannot enjoy them when we are in emotional anger and emotional pain. It will take a time to forgive. Just say the words first and feel that you are just touching their hand later you can bring yourself to shake their hand ( in spirit ) and later you will be able to give them a hug again in spirit. Then you know you have forgiven them. You feel no hurt or anger within you. But a sense of peace and calm. In order to heal this world today, we have to heal ourselves from within and raise our vibrations to a place of peace and well-being. That is the true journey of those who seek to feel and experience the miracles of spirit. I leave you with this thought. " when we are truly free we fly and be, like a bird on a wing, with a song we chose to sing. To wipe the tear off another cheek makes me sad and makes me weep. but I am truly blessed to be a friend to you and a light to me" namaste Dilani Diva