Musings for the Soul

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Many of us endure suffering. Most suffering has a tendency to drive us into painful places. It can rob us of our inner joy. Our inner desire to be beautiful. It can also cause us to inflict the same or the worse suffering on those we think are the instruments or our pain.

This is very common in relationships. Especially love relationships. A lover can betray you. Cause you to feel anger and resentment. Some of us walk around for years feeling empty and lost and alone.
It is a very hard place to be. Day in and day out.
Sometimes, most times healing will come. But sometimes. Healing can take many many good years of our life and then we are not even feeling half worth our wait.

It is important to recognize suffering and know it within when you experience it. It is also important to be able to talk to someone about it . It will hep to release some of the emotional and spiritual toxins from building up.
If you have a strong faith. No matter what their faith may be. It is important to be able to share your burden with your God and your Goddess. Let then take your burden from you and let them work a miracle for you.
I have helped many of those who walk through this path. I help you with the presence of my guide and with the divine blessing which is freely available to all.
After all the years of service, I know that it is possible to work through the pain and come out of it healthier and stronger and more brilliant that before. It is possible to Love again . In a healthy way.
But we all need that help. To adjust our spirit and our minds and also to know why and how our lovers have mistreated us.
It helps in the releasing and the understanding of another. Please, if you are going through pain today. Give it over to someone. If you can’t call me that is ok. Call on your God. Talk with your angels, there are many musical recommendations I have that will help to heal your inner spirit and give you the peace you need . Peace is essential for emotions to heal . Without peace, true healing cannot survive.
I work on giving you tools to reach your peace. And I also work on building broken relationships through your own power and your own divinity.
Do not let go of hope… for truly we are meant to experience a life of great abundance.
I wish for you such a life. and pray that you will reach the place of healing.

Namaste. Dilani Diva