Colors and Healing




I write specially to those who are going through some negative experiences and those who want to generate some positive energy around their path.
Colors hold very strong vibrations. …. especially gentle summer or spring colors and even autumn when it’s at its vibrant bloom
So let’s do a focusing on these wonderful natural shades.
Look out of your window and use it as a canvas. breath deeply and look at each natural item that lies in the picture frame of your window…. Study it. Close your eyes and just think or the color.. bring it to your mind’s eye and fill your head with it. Breath deep and release. Do it as many times as you like to as many things as you like using your window as the frame of your picture.
Then us this mantra with your eyes close ” May peace fill the garden of my soul- heal it and keep it safe”
Repeat gently several times while breathing.
You will feel a gentle glow.
God gave us a Garden of Eden. for Edan is the earth.. suspended in heaven.. the pearl in the oyster.
let us love it live it and breath it.
May you find peace and blessings today.
Dilani Diva