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Good afternoon to you all,
I had taken a break from my spiritual creative writing, and now I am back :)
I hope you all had joy in your heart the last week. Sometimes, love holds many aspects and one of them is sadness or regret. during the season it is normal for us to go through such feelings due to the very prevalent time of loving and giving.
The vibration of such giving is a powerful component of the energy around us and can bring up great aspects of love and with it pain and even isolation. For those who are going through such pain, let us remind ourselves and pain is a part of our healing and you and I will be stronger and wiser for it. Let us know that our divine God did not intend this pain for you but sometimes the choices made but we or others have fostered such pain. A prayer of deep healing can be uttered and asked for, and the universe will surely heal and reply.
Here is your energy of the week

The mind is letting go and letting God. It feels the wind of change it is forced to see that what happened in the past is not where it wants to m. The divine speaks! we are in the path of a new way as we step into the new year.
Cool your mind with kind thoughts. Cool your mind with the desire to embrace loving phrases. Know this is a time of releasing old energy in terms of mind patterns. So work on that.. and fill your mind with the feeling and knowing of Joy !!!!

diffuse negativity
restore harmony
circulate your brain
lighten up

Feel water running over your body. Feel flowers caressing your skin. This is the energy of your body this week. You are here to feel love and gently nurture the vessel of God has given you. Your body needs cooling. Rejuvenation. It is finding ways to embrace serenity. Smell a gentle lotus flower and feel its scent permeating your body. Feel the beauty of your body. Learn to enjoy who you are. Be who you want to be. Love your body and look and enjoy others as well. For your body is the temple for your soul and it is seeking spiritual blessings this week.
Power Words
bring out beauty


Your spirit accepts all that is divinely humanly created. It is a part of the great human experience it sees others as being a part of the greater whole. It seems to accept no matter what all color and all races it is one as you are one. Each mans joy is felt and heard each man’s sorrow is felt and heard. We are one with God. and God is one with us. No one will be left behind. Even those who have fallen from love will be picked up and you will see and feel and embrace such profound thoughts.

Power Words
The family
home life
intimate relationships