Embrace and Empower you!


It is such a beautiful day . The sun is out and the sky is blue and all I can is to smile for you.. oh yes. I am in a poetic mood.
I helped a client today in a very positive way, and it feels so rewarding. She wanted to leave her job. Thinking that she had reached her full potential. Well, there were other people that were distracting her from her focus . Those who made her feel small. So we worked on her self-image and ended up validating her power instead of her pain.
We also took a look at her boss and the direction they were taking the company. She had a very powerful role to play in their future and so this helped her greatly. Self-power is important. And sometimes people can remove that feeling from us. Especially if we are not prepared.
“That which is Powerful can also be viewed as painful if it is not the way we are. But if we can use it to bring a new understanding within us. Then !!! it is a tool to become stronger by. And not a block that lies in our path for us to conquer”
Sometimes new ideas and ways of handling things can cause us to stress and thus create a sense of illness instead of wellness. This is not unusual. Then I help you to call it what it is. I work with you to see some of these patterns of thought, or energy if you may call it, and to understand how it is important or not in relation to today. How you can overcome the situation and move from this place … To a place of peace. To a place of growth and a place of well-being.
This is so rewarding and I thank all of you. Primarily, since I am learning, as we talk and I feel so blessed to know you. To feel your trust in me is a great reward and a humbled blessing I receive. So may you be blessed with great abundance.
I am here for those who need me. And thank you for helping me make this my life’s work. It is a blessing indeed !!!
Have a wonderful day.