Your New Energy Reading. 29th October.

Your Free Energy reading.

Your Free Energy reading.

Greetings to you.
We are stepping into a wonderful season. A season of healing and revealing. I am so happy to be here with you all today and to share and care..
Hope you have had some joy in your hearts. I know it is a season of love and somehow it is also a season that brings up human vulnerabilities.
It is not a bad thing to be vulnerable. But sometimes if your heart is filled with a heavy past it can be painful. Prayers gp to all of you who carry a spacial secret today. May God and his angels give you great healing and love you and care about you today.
So we are looking at our energy of the week.

This is Powerful this week. Your mind will be on a precipice. It will want to do the right and not so right thing at the same time. It is the “ attraction of opposites” so there can be an “ inner struggle “ so to speak. This is normal and we must not give up or give it. It means that your inner child is coming to the surface and so you are tempted to eat that sweet or drink that wine. One my then remember to live a little . But keep things in moderation. You and I can rejoice, thinking about our past loves or we can chose to be saddened and lonely by them. No love has ever been a waste of indeed it is a glimpse into the doorway of heaven and you know I would rather have that glimpse than non at all.
So be brave think of your love and powerful and try not to look at the pain that may sometimes shroud that journey.
Your Power Words for the mind are.

meeting halfway


Your body will dance like a fire fly but it can also feel aches and pains due to the cold and the changing of weather. Your meant to make it beautiful and light. So wear colors that will bring about a lightness. Yellows are specially good for this week. There is much love to be had with the body . So if you feel kind then give some one a hug and feel great about it.
Power Words.

This week the spiritual energy is tested. There is doubt rising in our holy mind. Is God with us? we are engulfed in a feeling of gloom and this is what I was talking about . The precipice. The Good and the not so good. This is unfortunately permitting deep into our spirit this week . So keep those candles burning and keep the flame of faith surrounding you at all time.
You can walk on ice and know that it will sustain you till you reach the show. It will not crack under your feet. just keep your eyes ahead and your heart with the creator. Your Faith is Tested. Don’t give up and give in.
Your Power Words.
unstable conditions
loss of faith
doubt and hesitation.

be at peace my dear friends. Sometimes when you are too close to the wood you cannot see the trees. So that is what I am here for you. let me help you gain more clarity. Sometimes clarity holds much hope and sometimes it will just give us a better way to handle a situation so you can reach a better truth and better place of feeling. We all need that.
may you be blessed and may you be loved to day and always.
Namaste. Dilani Diva.