Your Free Weekend Energy Reading- 9th Sept.2017

” Small is Powerful- Begin within with YOU !!!!!”

Before I address this weekend energy reading, I wish you send my thoughtful prayers and well wishes to all those who are caught in the eye of the storm. I pray that you and your loved ones are safe. If not please get to safety. You cannot be replaced and you are loved.

I am amazed at what the universe shows me in terms of its guidance during my readings. Today the SIGNIFICATOR fo my reading is
” THE TAMING POWER OF THE SMALL” It speaks of even the small still voice and faith that lies within all of us will reveal its strength and its beauty. Sop, each of us can adopt a peaceful mind and help calm the raging seas and the mighty winds that desire to overcome us. Do not be afraid. We are all important. However small we may feel- Our faith will help us through yet another storm.
The power words of the significator today set my head in a spin. Let me share them with you.
Self Restraint-
Self Sufficient
careful- Preparation

For those who are in the conflicts of nature.
Adapt to it for now. Bend with the wind. Do what you need to do to get yourself to a safe place. You may feel that you are a fly caught in a web. But that is ONLY a feeling. Move it and shake it. You can break free. You have the power to do so. Seek refuge in tiny aspects of beauty. Maybe it is just a little spark. A smile that helped you through today. But do not give up. For when it is all done you can and will rebuild again and you will be stronger for it.
Feel the love around you and embrace its hug. You are hugged !!!

For those who are going through a personal conflict. Feel that it is time to break your ways of thought. Remember that thought is fluid and moving and you don’t need much to change its pattern. If someone has hurt you, or it’s someone that you cared about that just walked away or did not talk to you, Remember that they can put you in a box only if you let them. Jump out of that box. If someone today has no time for you… it says something. That they just don’t want to be around. Some of us may want to know why? Nothing wrong with that. For it can calm us down and give us a more grounding.
Sometimes we have to glance at our feet. We have to look at what is around us and notice all that is there to help us. Most times when storms hit … we look at the roaring skies or we go into the depths of darkness within ourselves.
I do it too. That is a part of our living. But in living, we die to ourselves many a time and we are then born anew.
“This Storm will Too Pass”– tomorrow or the next day.
Keep your faith planted strong on the ground. Let your eyes see those hands and hearts that are there to help you.
Don’t turn them away. Reach out and let them be your strength in your time of need.
My Prayers are with all of you.
Especially those who are in the path of this earthly storm. May God keep you safe my brothers and my sisters and my dear clients.
Dilani Diva.