Your Free Energy Reading 27th Sept.

This Weeks energy speaks of “bonding ad reflecting”…….

“Companionship is found within oneself – in deep introspection, it is also found in those who enhance our path. Companionship, therefore, is found truly within ourselves and also without. Seeking a balance between these two aspects is the key to personal gratification and introspective growth”

This week the mind will seek ” turmoil” It will be tossed in an ocean of waves. It will tend to navigate you towards a pile of rock !!! You will tend to look at what you desire in your life and feel that you are very lacking…
A feeling of isolation can permeate your spirit and trouble is afoot !!!!!!
Recognize this pattern when you feel it in your mind. Then immediately change your mind chatter into something that is more productive.. even something simple like watering plants or taking the dog for a walk. Stop the negativity. Don’t let your personal demons drag you down. Look up and move forward!

Unexpected destruction
feeling at sea ( hopeless)
feeling discouraged

Being aware of this energy helps us to prepare our minds and work the opposite of it. Good luck with your mind this week. Embrace productive and happy thoughts !!!!


“As lovers are, Lovers are….. and lovers will sure be”

The Body energy is POWERFUL this week. There is much fire in it… A desire to share and to seek companionship is powerful. Your heart will feel the power of mutual respect and seek this in all relationships that you foster.
It is a good time to strengthen bonds. To share goals and to be one with a partnership. Just as love is powerful so will be friendships so use this time to build your bridges and make your life powerful .

Mutual respect
shared bonds.


Your spiritual power will seek deep truths. Your inner joy and the power that connects you to God is powerful.
The color Blue is powerful. It is a color of communication and a tool for healing.
This will govern your spiritual body.
Just as your physical body will seek companionship, your inner child will seek God and his angels.
Within the womb of your spirit will lie greater truths are truly singularly profound. You will have a great desire to speak to God and ask him for his guidance.
You will seek truths in your journey … the why and the how. And you will find answers to some.
You will ” Penetrate illusions” and be loving in your presence.

Heart Wisdom
Seeking clarity
Intuitive feelings.
Seeking truths.

It is a powerful week !!! Use it to your advantage . Be of inner courage and of great cheer !
For that which grows in and through love … is close and is truly near.

Namaste. Dilani Diva