Dancing Through the Retrograde !!!!

Splendid yet loving moments.


Greetings my dear friends and clients,

Hope that you had a wonderful long weekend… and a blessed independents day. I have been away due to some personal reasons computers and allergies… but these things are necessary in our lives. To give us time to reflect, deflect and move forward.

How are you doing with the “MERCURY RETROGRADE” ?? that is still upon us. To those who are unfamiliar with this event. It is an astrological situation where communications has problems in flowing, Your past looms up strongly in your mind. and past patterns, thoughts and events that have not had healing or closure can raise it’s head. It is a given opportunity to make peace within yourself with regard to these events.

Ideally those who have hurt us should say “ I am sorry” but sometimes this does not happen. We remember and have silent tears… and fears over such things.  

We have all had such experiences. Me, as your psychic, Life coach and guru is not spared. It is a part of our learning, to live. To be better people. To love without our past hindering us. This is a vital key.

So lets not sweep things under the rug. Look at our lives and the gifts that we have received. and look even at the cracks in our courage that follow us around. Above all… 

LOVE YOURSELF. Remembering that the greatest gift of God is love and the body that was created with it. We much try to remember to nurture it during this time. To care and adore it. Not in an ego sense of the word . But more in a peaceful sense of the word. Let the mind exude and feel humility, compassion and grace. and thereby be more powerful and connected to our higher self.

So let us take this time. To reflect and deflect. i am here to help you with your journey.. with the guidance of our angels. 

Breath in love… breath out forgiveness…. happiness and peace.

Blessings to you. 

Now and always. 

Dilani Diva