Mood Like a flower that gloats in the sun

Let us be power filled ….

When the day is done.

Or do we wither and die….

and let our spirits lie

In hopeless drain.

such wasted Pain.

For those who seek the stars, will be

filled with peace and power

through each moment,

each hour….

Let me have the courage to be,

Loving towards all

that breaths in my

Humble vicinity.


Dilani Diva

However you may feel today, it is hard to imagine that each of us have the ability to be as powerful as a thunderstorm or as loving and warm rain.
Each mood we exude emanates the various vibrations of the spirit. As these vibrations are our daily cloak of emotion, we tend to take it for granted. Letting the voices and actions of others feed reactive modes from us. So we ask ourselves.

Are we reactive ?Or are we reflective and interactive?

The latter is powerful. and the former is disruptive.
Chose wisely your emotion today. May it be thought of with clear direction . Make it warm for the winter, filled with surrender and truth.
For me. I love acceptance: to see this life, my life as a passing reflection of one who is greater than me!!!!!.
Not in my life before or after. But in this space and time. This knowing helps me to wear my Coat of peace and well being . and sets the tone of my daily mood. Moment by moment. Step by Step.
I wish you all such moments. For those who are suffering today. My humble preyers are with you. Reach deep for hope, and love. and know that you are with one who