Enjoying the earth !!!!





When we add beauty within then we receive Beauty without. I always enjoy tasting the wonderful flavors of mother Earth. There is nothing greater than the beautiful dark green 🍃 leaves. And the colors of robust peppers to enhance our yummy omelet. In order to retain a good spiritual balance, it is necessary to give thanks and enjoy the physical blessings that are around us and with us. As creatures of the great spirit, we have the ability to be greater than ourselves. It does not take much to restore balance to the body mind and spirit. Enjoying little things and giving thanks is one way to bring about the more ethereal and spiritual balance. Today, seek your better, higher and greater self by enjoying something simple that you palate.bemindful and then you will achieve the power of the spirit that is ever waiting to bestow its gentle blessings upon you. Have a beautiful day. Namaste, Dilani Diva