Reflections on a Flower



” May the spirit of spring be the garment of our hope, may the spirit of spring be the admission of our desire to be loved. And may the essence of spring help us to be born anew with renewed hope with ravishing flowers, gentle breezes that adorn our every breath and thought” – dilanidiva

I love to muse on various aspects of creation. My inspiration comes in various forms. The last few days it has been from the gentle flowers that I have been graciously planting.
I am in deep gratitude while doing so. They are so beautiful and delicate. Each petal holding bright colors painted by an angel’s wing.
I am truly blessed as I admire their beauty. Their profound presence. They share this love, this beauty, with such ease. Not afraid of the simple moments they have to enjoy this earth, being as fleeting as it may be. They are amazing, in their profound simplicity.
The Budha once held up a flower. A lotus flower and his entire sermon for that day was of him just holding up that flower. The Lotus flower is the flower of my country, Sri Lanka. It is an extremely beautiful flower, and its fragrance precedes its beauty. It has wide petals and a large face. It grows in swamps and that has water and a strong mud and clay bed. In order for this flower to grow it needs something as ugly as mud to grow and survive. It roots needs the clay to keep them from drying out. There is great significance with this allegory to the Buddha’s insights
It is a strong a reminder to us all. That even through a hard and muddy period of our life something beautiful will rise from it. Sometimes we have to have some “mud” in our paths, it builds us up to be stronger and wiser souls.
Think of the fragrance of that flower and know that you too will rise from whatever you are going through and you will be beautiful. For you are beautiful as you are.Yes, sometimes mud happens. But we sometimes need mud to process deeper truths.It helps us gain more roots and more grounding. It lets us sit and take notice. It makes up choose better ways. More suited ways to manage our life and our soul’s journey.
I wish you today to search for your lotus and feel the power of life and love within you. Ask your God and your Goddess for joy.
May you be blessed today and always.

Dilani Diva

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