Feel Your Rainbow

IMG_3285Hello, everyone !
Hope you are all doing well today. I speak to many clients that are constantly feeling low. It’s not surprising. One’s emotions can run riot, We live in a world that is constantly shrinking. The world that reaches all the corners of the earth.
By enjoying this life, we are constantly exposed to the universal energies. Our TV brings it to us. Our phones bring it to us. Our families bring it to us. Our lovers bring it to us !!! There is no way we can avoid it.
So, it is up to us to choose the energy we absorb. Can this be done? Yes. !!!!!!!!!!!
“But only if we chose wisely.”
Of course, as many of us know, a defining factor for our mind lies with our thoughts. So we must try to make our thoughts kinder and hopefully wiser. Even if we are having thoughts about someone or something that is we disagree with.
This is hard to do. Since we are touched with flames of anger. This is normal. Let it burn. But after that … poor a gentle rain on it.. feel the love …
I have found a very strong factor for our depression is the food we eat.. and the food we do not eat. Now I don’t like eating raw veggies. ( Maybe I need to be born a rabbit in my next life. ) However Raw veggies have beautiful energy. It will release its beauty to you. The way I overcome this is by making a yummy vinaigrette !!! all my own. I throw in loads of honey and apple cider vinegar .. pear and marionberry vinegarette.YUMMMM.. Your meal will be a dream.
Have it at least once a day. Fresh greens with loads of other veggies.
( My rabbity moment)
Your vibrations will revive and you will feel so much better.
With so much of drama in our political area and our society, and working with divided nations… it would be so much better to feel the love. But one must feel the love within——to feel the love without. and for that, we need to eat a rainbow.
I have enjoyed my rainbow for the day. I hope you will do too. I always love to help and assist all of you who calls.
I hope I am able to give you some peace and guidance. I hope you feel better after we talk and I am able to give you some direction that will take your journey towards prosperity.
I humbly thank all of you for sharing your stories and your life’s adventures with me. And I send you all a rainbow. From my heart to yours.
Namaste. Dilani Diva

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