Empower Healing !!!

IMG-Healing Greetings to all. It is an end of another week for us all.  I have received many calls this week, with sadness and gladness from those who are going through life. With its ups and downs and round and rounds. Life has great joy for us to share but there are times when our hearts can feel broken by those who we love. We can feel abandoned and lost. Or simply alone. I am so sorry. my heart goes out to all of you. You are in my prayers. If you have called me or not. It does not matter. You are there. You need a spiritual hug and blessings to adorn your life and you are deserving of it all. SometImes our lovers and our friends don't always make the right or best choice. Maybe they are themselves going through a dark passage and cannot see us for who we truly are. Or they don't hear our cries but only hear their need within their mind. It could be just a timing thing or something that they are unfortunately embracing for now. At any event, this can cause us to endure great pain. Sometimes, its is important to cry it out. Talk to a friend and get it out of your system Cleanse your soul as it were. Then take the time to rest from your thoughts. You need to heal. In order to function again. And during this time of healing, it is best that you don't carry thoughts that will hurt your soul. Try to listen to some music or just try to focus on nature and just listen to the wind in the trees. Healing is a gentle thing. It comes like the wind. It does not disrupt our space but it is a gentle hand that will help you from within. It is possible to remotely heal another pain. I do not take on that pain but I send you great light and that light will illuminate your hurt. The darkness you are feeling within and you will too become one with that light. We all need to take a little moment to catch that breath... and make sure that you give yourself that moment. To hear the gentle calling of Gods care and his love. Take a moment to breathe. Many Blessings to you today. May you find peace. I wish you many miracles and hope that what you desire in your soul will be showered into your path with great abundance. Namaste. Dilani Diva
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